Damp issues can affect all buildings regardless of their age. There are several steps you can take to prevent any damp problems occurring and knowing how it is caused can be helpful. Our blog focuses on the biggest causes of damp.

Aquafoss can put damp solutions in place for all properties, ensuring your home is protected. Working on both commercial and domestic properties, you should never have a problem.

Old Properties

Whilst this is not the only factor, an old property can contribute and be significant to rising damp. Modern buildings are often constructed much better than they previously were. Old buildings were specifically designed to prevent damp problems through removing excess moisture.

However, this meant that they are made out of permeable materials with minimal waterproofing. Due to this, moisture can easily pass through walls, floors and ceilings to spread throughout your home. Although it can still occur in new properties, it is often trapped within one area. If it occurs in an older property, this could spread throughout the home into different rooms.

Lack Of Drainage

Rising damp is a result of excess moisture being left in your property. Due to condensation, the water rises throughout the property leading to a spread of moisture. With a lack of drainage, this water will continue to build up in your property without ever being removed.

Most homes are fitted with damp proof membranes and sheets which will prevent it rising. If these become permeable, the water will spread through your home. It is important to have a high level of drainage so that this does not happen and your property remains in good condition.

Poor Property Construction

There are several more obvious causes which you can identify and repair to stop the problem occurring. These causes are usually due to poor property construction and faults in your drainage systems, roofing and other areas of your home. This could be very simple problems including:

  • Bad Plumbing
  • Grooves Under Window Sills
  • Leaking Gutters
  • Roof Holes
  • Undersized Gutters

Any of these structural issues could lead to damp within the property, with these problems being slightly easier to identify. There could also be weak points where water can seep through walls, so this can be a common issue. You should always check that your property, walls, windows and gutters are always in the best condition to avoid this.

Modern Decorating

Modern paint, plaster and wallpaper could increase the likelihood of damp spreading throughout your property. These materials are often impermeable but as they form a thin layer over your original wall, problems could occur.

If modern decorating is completed incorrectly, it could lead to moisture being held underneath the paint, wallpaper or plaster. You should always ensure that your property is damp-free before adding any further walling, flooring or ceiling decorations.

Bad Damp Treatment

Whilst there are still several other causes of damp, having bad treatment and proofing installed will worsen the situation. Proofing should always be completed by fully trained and qualified professionals, preventing any errors being made.

This ensures the current moisture in your property is effectively removed, before putting the necessary features in place to stop it occurring again.

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