More and more businesses and homes are falling victim to failed tanking models, don’t be the next statistic and get the proper services you need from Aquafoss.

The team here at Aquafoss are often having to work with faulty cellar tanking work that has been carried out by uneducated tradesmen with the wrong materials and tools. A lot of our remedial work has to be completely started again due to the sheer poor quality of the previous works and often incurs cavity drainage waterproofing techniques to reverse years of damage.

Why Are They Failing?

In most of the cases where cellar tanking has failed, it isn’t because of the method or the materials used. It simply can be that the application has not been carefully planned for the area it is being applied to and after some time, the bonding applicator will not be in action, resulting in faulty cellar tanking.

Although the idea of cellar tanking may sound simple, the actual purpose (waterproofing) the method holds can often be difficult to achieve.

How Do We Avoid Failures?

The first error that many applications occur is holes, air bubbles and cracks in the base mixture. The barrier that is created must be error-free, meaning free from holes and defects because if there are any imperfections, the barrier will not hold back the moisture we are trying to avoid.

When it comes to waterproofing anything, you need to be confident in the applications you are adding to the property, if you are not confident in it fulfilling its purpose, then why use it in the first place?

The structures that we work with are able to withstand various substances and a great deal of moisture so that you can have great peace of mind working with our team. The materials we work with are capable of supporting the weight of further materials and the sheer weight of the water bearing down on it.

With approximately 12.5% of damp properties being effected by rising damp, cellar tanking is becoming more and more popular with homeowners all over.

Aquafoss and Cellar Tanking

By working with materials we trust and having a highly skilled team of tradesmen we are able to apply cellar tanking to various properties, old and new, to give our clients the support they are looking for in their properties.

If you are a victim to rising damp and penetrating damp and you think that cellar tanking is the only option for you, call our team today on 01525 374 406 to get expert advice and a consultation.

We focus on giving our clients the most appropriate services to meet their needs and carry out full building inspections so that we can apply the materials you need to combat damp. With cellar tanking we make sure that we use a thin layer of protection that is both reliable and that looks good. Keeping it smooth, crack-free and seamless, you can trust your cellar tanking from Aquafoss.

Get damp proofing efforts from the professionals today here at Aquafoss and avoid bad smells, poor appearance of your walls, decreasing the value of your home and health issues too.

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If you are wanting to find out more about cellar tanking, visit our guide here or call us on 01525 374 406 today. Working throughout Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas, don’t wait until it is too late to call us.

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  • Darren Jaffer says:

    We had a complete basement conversion with Aquafoss and we couldn’t be more delighted.The work was completed on time and to a high standard.We would recommend Aquafoss to anyone considering a basement conversion.

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