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Rising damp is an issue that can sometimes affect all buildings. It is a problem more often in older houses where the original damp proof course has become damaged.

What is a Damp Proof Membrane?

As one of the most popular methods to combating damp, adding a damp proof membrane to your property can often be the solution to your issues. It is important to act quickly when damp occurs, and damp proof membrane can immediately stop damp and its consequences.

The purpose of a damp proof membrane is to create a waterproof sheet. This is added to your walls and floors, keeping the moisture out. The membrane is installed as part of a damp proof course and is not only effective but also affordable.

Our guide here at Aquafoss looks at what the membrane is and why it is important.

About Damp Proof Membrane

Made from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), membrane helps to prevent moisture from entering a property. It is resistant to salts and moisture, keeping an area safe from damp and condensation. Membranes are typically fitted to internal walls after a damp issue has been resolved.

The material creates an air gap or cavity between the wall and room, allowing air to circulate and for moisture to safely evaporate.

As well as installing after damage, you can add this before damp occurs to prevent issues from developing. The faster you act with damp proof solutions, the cheaper and easier it will be to keep your home in prime condition.

Preventing Damage

As damp can cause serious and lasting damage, it is important to prevent this before it happens. Most of the problems that come with damp include:

  • Patches of damp on your walls and ceiling
  • Growth of mould
  • Build-up of mildew
  • Corrosion and lasting damage to your building materials
  • Surface damages
  • Damaged installations and more

Visible damages of damp also include condensation on any surface, rising damp and the well-known penetrating damp.

Rising Damp is from underground moisture, making its way into your walls and up through your home.

Penetrating damp refers to moisture that actually enters into your property through the walls horizontally, leaving behind visible damage on the outer side of the wall as well as internally.

Condensation occurs when there is either a lot of warm air within the house and a cold exterior. The hot air comes into contact with a cold surface, creating a moisture that commonly appears in bathrooms and kitchens where warm moisture is present.

Types of Membrane

There are various styles of damp proof membranes that are applied. In some cases, these membranes can be made from aluminium materials, polyethylene foil and more.

Damp proof membranes are not only fitted precisely, but also used to protect your insulation materials. As it is always added underneath your insulation materials, it is able to block humidity before it enters into the colder air. As a result, this avoids condensation. Installing these damp proof membranes is important to block any moisture from entering, sealing all holes and joints effectively.

Damp Proof Membrane Installation

When it comes to installing membrane, keeping moisture out is the main priority. An insulation product is applied to your home to keep the low moisture rate at bay. Membrane helps to stop any unwanted moisture from entering your home. Once all affected masonry has been suitably repaired, a membrane can easily be fitted.

It is important to work with professionals in these circumstances to make sure that the membranes are in perfect condition. They are known to be damaged easily and, when this occurs, they are not able to work properly. Moisture will seep through, leading to damp in your home. If this is the case and your membranes are broken, you will need to reinstall the damp proofing method so that it can work correctly.

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