If you are suffering from rising damp throughout your home, you need to know how to resolve these issues! Read the Aquafoss blog and find out how our team can rid you of a damp property.

Rising damp can be a big problem and once you realise you have it, finding the solution to erase it can be just as difficult. It is certainly not a desirable feature for your home but can be easily removed with Aquafoss specialists on hand when you need us most.

How Do You Know You Have A Damp Property?

There are several ways you can find out if you have damp in your home, with many signs being an easy way to identify if you have the problem.

Although you could casually brush away the sight of a damp patch on your wall, this is usually the first sign that you have a much bigger problem throughout your home. Damp patches or ‘tide marks’ are caused by the evaporation of water and salts from your ground and can reach up to a whole metre above your skirting boards.

This is only the beginning; if you do not take action when you spot the signs of tide marks, then it could lead to rising damp. Damp could even damage your health as well as decreasing the value of your home – nobody wants to live in a damp house. If you decide to leave this problem to fester, then the mould and damp will only get worse, damaging wood, walls and more, leaving you in a tricky situation.

Features You Should Be Looking For?

It’s hard enough to spot damp in your home when you aren’t looking for it; knowing exactly what you should be keeping an eye out for is the quickest way to finding and resolving the issue. Damp can cause many problems including:

  • Dark Patches on Walls & Above Skirting Boards
  • Black Mould to Form
  • Damp Smells
  • Plaster Discolouration
  • Salt Stain Appearance
  • Crumbling Brickwork
  • Wallpaper, Timber & Painting Decay

If you have noticed any of these signs in your property, then you could have a damp problem. The Aquafoss team can deal with every damp issue and erase the problem effectively, leaving your property without the worry of a damp home.

Identifying Damp

When it comes to identifying what damp problem you have, there are three common options that you are stuck with:

Rising Damp – Rising damp means that the damp already in your home will be pulled upwards through the brickwork and walls within your home. It will usually begin rising from the skirting boards of your home.

Condensation Damp – Condensation is the damp that builds up on windows and glass in your property. Although this is not always a big issue, the only way to resolve condensation in your home is through proper ventilation of the steam and water after showers, boiling the kettle or other routines that may cause this.

Penetration Damp – Penetrating damp is caused by an external problem outside of your home, that has penetrated through the brickwork and may damage your property. This usually means that the construction of your home allows water and rain to seep in through the roof, brickwork or gutters.

Once you have identified which type of damp you are dealing with, the next step is to get rid of it effectively and ensure the problem will not come back.

Preventing Rising Damp

Preventing rising damp isn’t always easy, but there are several methods to remove this from your home without much of a hassle. Firstly, rising damp is often caused because your previous damp proof course may be old and now it has let you down. The best thing to do? Have a new damp proof course to see the exact source of your problems and get it patched up immediately.

Having a damp proof course will allow you to seek out the issue and add a barrier made from plastic, slate or bitumen which will protect your walls above ground level. If the problem begins to occur again, then the damp must be stopped from the source by damp proofing your walls and floors. Once the source of the damp has been fixed, the mould can then be removed by carefully placing it in a bag whilst wearing gloves and goggles and washing away the mould of any parts of your property or items the mould is on.

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