Damp is a big issue for any property. By the time it is found, it could have already created several financial problems for you. Identifying and removing damp early is essential and there are several other ways you can protect your property from damp.

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How Is Damp Caused?

The most common type of damp is caused by condensation in your property. This can spread throughout your walls, flooring and ceiling. Not only does it create an unattractive appearance but it can lead to expensive repair and removal costs as well as causing a bad smell throughout your property.

This can start from condensation in any area of your property and it is important to look out for warning signs. This could be anything from condensation on your windows, to small puddles of water being located around your home. Damp could occur anywhere and can quickly spread throughout your home, along with mould to create a rotting property.

Improve Ventilation

One way of reducing condensation in your property is to improve your ventilation. This will ensure any condensation passes out of your property rather than staying inside and causing damp. There are several ways that you can improve the ventilation of your property, which includes:

  • Air Bricks
  • Air Vents
  • Opening Window
  • Roof Ventilation Tiles
  • Window Vents

Air bricks are bricks with small holes in, meaning all these types of ventilation allow condensation to be reduced. As condensation passes through gaps in the property, it will find its way out into the atmosphere, rather than sticking around in your home.

Cleaning Condensation

Possibly the simplest way to protect your property is to clean condensation yourself. If you notice any condensation on your windows, make sure this doesn’t develop into mould or rotting. By wiping it down with tissues or towels, you can easily remove condensation as soon as it appears, preventing any build up of mould or damp.

There is also specialist equipment available that can help to remove condensation entirely and whilst this method takes a little more effort on a daily basis, it is still an effective way to protect your property from damp.

Heating & Insulation

Another contributing factor that could affect the amount of condensation in your property is your heating and insulation. There are several tips and tricks with your heating which could cause more condensation. This includes having your heating at a lower temperature constantly, rather than switching on and off could reduce your condensation.

Insulation can offer a massive improvement and protect your property against damp in a number of ways. As damp can quickly spread through walls and ceilings, having insulation in place will stop this from happening and prevent your cold walls and ceilings becoming hotspots for damp.

Double Glazing

Double glazing won’t completely prevent condensation occurring on your windows, however, it can significantly reduce it. This will keep your home warm as less heat can exit in your home and it offers a high level of insulation.

Condensation could still occur but installing double glazing could prevent the consistent build-up of condensation and therefore reduce the chances of damp occurring on windows sills and nearby walls.

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