Rising damp can cause problems to any property. Not only will this damage the condition and appearance of your home, it could also lead to a decrease in value. Resolving this issue is essential and once you have identified rising damp, you must act quickly.

Aquafoss can effectively deal with all rising damp across any commercial or domestic properties. We will also put effective damp proofing in place to avoid this issue coming.

Identifying Rising Damp

Before you resolve the issue of rising damp, it is important to identify it first. There are several signs that you could have rising damp. Really, you want to identify this before it spreads across your entire property and gives you a poor appearance throughout the building. By having a good understanding of what rising damp could look like, the problem can be found easily. Some common signs of rising damp include:

  • Cold & Damp Property
  • Damp & Must Smell
  • Dark & Discoloured Patches
  • Excessive Condensation
  • Mould or Mildew In Property
  • Peeling Walls
  • Rising Damp Patches
  • Rotting & Damp Skirting Boards
  • Wet or Lifting Flooring
  • Yellow, Brow or White Substances & Wall Stains

If you spot any of these features, it could be a big sign that rising damp is present within your property. Whether you are unsure if these features are present or these features are not present but you are still worried about damp, you should always contact professionals to identify any possible damp that is present.

What Is Causing The Problem?

Once you have located the damp within your property, you should try to find out exactly what is causing the rising damp to occur. This should make dealing with the problem much easier as you know exactly what repairs are required to your home so this doesn’t happen again. There are several factors that could cause this to occur, including:

  • Debris In Wall Cavities
  • External Ground Levels Raised above Damp Proof Course
  • Internal & External Renders Overlapping DPC
  • Poor Insulation material

There are also other contributing factors that could cause damp and we can always advise you regarding what repairs may be required. If you already have damp proof treatment and damp proof course in place, this may need repairing or replaced.

Check Your Damp Proof Course

Many buildings will already have a damp proof course in place or you may have had this installed yourself when you moved in. Damp proof courses are water-resistant to prevent rising damp occurring in your property. However, if you have spotted rising damp, you should check your damp proof course for any issues so repairs can be made quickly.

This could be that the DPC has been damaged or that the damp has travelled from the ground, past the DPC and into the property due to a construction fault. If your DPC is at fault for causing damp, this should be replaced quickly with a suitable damp proof course for your home.

This could also be down to your damp proof membrane. Membranes can also be repaired if damaged as it could have an effect on damp passing into your property.

Remove Damp From Your Property

Once your damp proof course and membrane have been repaired or replaced, this should mean your property is again fully protected against any damp occurring again. As this has been completed, it means the damp can be safely removed from your property without the worry of rising damp coming back.

You should always find complete professionals to remove the damp and repair your property. Regardless of how large or small the problem is, this must always be dealt with carefully so there is not too much damage to your building and the issue is resolved quickly to restore its original condition.

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