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Most families yearn for extra space as an inbuilt requirement in today’s modern world, a lot of homeowners are utilising the space they already have, by converting dingy cellars and basements into bright and cosy additional rooms instead.



Rising damp is an issue that can sometimes affect all buildings. It is a problem more often in older houses where the original damp proof course has become damaged.

Damp Treatment in St Albans

Here at Aquafoss, we have over 40 years’ experience and a reputation for providing great help and support. We offer effective timber and damp treatment services in St Albans, as well as weatherproofing and cellar tanking. There’s no job too big or small, giving you reassurance that we can resolve all of your problems. Moreover, we aim to solve the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We’re renowned in St Albans for our professional service and strong attention to detail. We can help eliminate damp in both commercial and domestic properties, at a time that suits you.

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Our Services

We have a wide range of services to choose from. No matter what you need, you are sure to find a service that suits you. These include:

  • Cellar tanking
  • Woodworm treatment
  • Wet or dry rot treatment
  • Basement conversions
  • Rising damp treatment
  • Timber treatment

Rising Damp Treatment

Although more common in older buildings, all properties can be subjected to rising damp issues. As damp rises through pores in the masonry attempting to evaporate, the soluble salts in the water draw moisture from the outside. This can cause a stain, ruined décor, an awful smell, and a permanent damp feeling on the wall’s surface.

There are several different indicators to look for when it comes to damp, these include:

Damp staining

‘Tide marks’ can usually be spotted just above your skirting boards, in or outside your property. You may also see yellow or brown stains in a similar place, and they both feel wet to touch.

Decaying skirting boards

Rising damp will affect your skirting boards, causing them to grow fungus, crack or start rotting.

Salt deposits

As it evaporates, the damp may leave salt deposits in your plaster. It’ll form a bubbled-up, blistered shape and have a crystallised texture.


Black mould may appear just above your skirting boards.

Peeling wallpaper

The damp may cause your wallpaper to start peeling, usually from the skirting boards upwards.

A musty smell

If the room smells damp and musty, it’s likely mould has already started to grow.

For more information about rising damp, please take a look at our rising damp guide. If you suspect you have an issue with rising damp, we can help. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

About Your Health

Having damp in your home can be extremely bad for your health. Damp often causes mould growth, which can cause flu-like symptoms such as sneezing and coughing. Mould can also irritate your skin and eyes. It has also been linked to causing serious health problems like asthma.

Exposure to mould is particularly dangerous to younger children and can cause serious respiratory problems in the long run.

If you recognise any symptoms of damp, you must call us straight away to solve the problem. The longer you leave it, the worse the mould will become and the more likely you are to get ill. We have a list of treatments available to help eliminate damp and mould in your home.

Working in St Albans

We provide professional rot, woodworm, timber and damp treatment services to St Albans and the surrounding area. We also specialise in cellar tanking and basement conversions. St. Albans is a beautiful cathedral city renowned for its medieval architecture. It has many museums, parks and traditional English pubs to visit, making it perfect for a long weekend trip.

If you are looking for places to explore, then there are a number of locations worth visiting. There is the world-renowned St Albans Cathedral, Verulamium Museum, and the 15th Century Clock Tower.

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