We cater for both domestic and commercial customers with an extensive range of services, including Damp Proofing, Rising Damp treatments and Basement Tanking.



Most families yearn for extra space as an inbuilt requirement in today’s modern world, a lot of homeowners are utilising the space they already have, by converting dingy cellars and basements into bright and cosy additional rooms instead.



Rising damp is an issue that can sometimes affect all buildings. It is a problem more often in older houses where the original damp proof course has become damaged.

Damp Specialists in Hitchin

Here at Aquafoss, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, professional services. We have been knowledgeable damp specialists for over 40 years and are renowned in Hitchin for our impeccable attention to detail. All our services are completed to the highest of standards and there is no job too big or small.

We can perform our services on both commercial and domestic properties, whether it be treatments, weatherproofing or cellar tanking you’re after. To add to this, we are an accredited and approved company with the local council.

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Our Services

With a wide range of services available, our staff can provide a treatment that you require. Some of these services include:

  • Wet or dry rot treatment
  • Rising damp treatment
  • Timber treatment
  • Basement conversions
  • Woodworm treatment
  • Cellar tanking

Different Types of Damp

There are 3 main types of damp: penetrating damp, rising damp and condensation.

  1. Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp moves horizontally. It will transfer from outside into your walls and is usually caused by structural problems within the building. This includes wall cracks, faulty guttering, damaged roofs or leaking pipes. Aging bricks are also prone to getting damp, due to their porous structure.

This type of damp is reasonably easy to identify. Usually it causes a dark watermark in a place separate to your doors or windows. Depending on the severity of the damp, there might also be mould or water drops on the surface of your walls.

  1. Rising Damp

Rising damp is more common in older buildings and is caused by water travelling up from the ground.

Damp rises through pores in the masonry and the soluble salts in the water draw moisture from the outside. This can cause stains, ruined wallpaper and plastering, a musty smell and a permanent damp feeling on the wall’s surface.

  1. Condensation

Condensation damp is the most common, caused by water vapour in the air. If the water encounters a cold wall where there’s little ventilation, it’s likely to condense. This will eventually cause mould.

Spotting condensation is easy. Simply search for black mould, peeled wallpaper or dripping windows. Mould and mildew may also start appearing on clothes or furniture.

If you suspect you have damp or mould present in your building, it’s important that you call our damp specialists sooner rather than later. The smaller the issue, the easier and quicker it is to fix.

Cellar Tanking

We’re not just experts in eliminating damp, we can also help prevent it. Cellar tanking has become widely popular and is a brilliant way of keeping a room away from the negative effects of dampness.

Basement tanking prohibits water from entering a room. This is a technique that is particularly beneficial in older properties. We work by placing a type of lining around the walls, keeping water out. The lining has a smooth, seamless finish, and can be applied quickly and efficiently by us here at Aquafoss.

For more information on this service, please look at our Tanking Guide.

Working in Hitchin

We are experienced damp specialists, working to eliminate this from homes in the Hitchin area. Hitchin is a small market town in Hertfordshire and has an estimated population of 35,000 people. It’s home to Bancroft Splash Park, the British Schools Museum, and Oughtonhead Nature Reserve.

If you live in Hitchin, or any of the surrounding areas, please contact us today.

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