We cater for both domestic and commercial customers with an extensive range of services, including Damp Proofing, Rising Damp treatments and Basement Tanking.



Most families yearn for extra space as an inbuilt requirement in today’s modern world, a lot of homeowners are utilising the space they already have, by converting dingy cellars and basements into bright and cosy additional rooms instead.



Rising damp is an issue that can sometimes affect all buildings. It is a problem more often in older houses where the original damp proof course has become damaged.

Commercial Damp Proofing in Bletchley

Catering for both domestic and commercial customers, at Aquafoss we aim to provide a high quality service to each and every client regardless of the work they need. We are a family run business and have spent the past 40 years building up a reputation that we can be proud of. The team will always work closely with you to determine what your mould or damp issues are and how we can work with you to treat them. Specialising in rising damp treatment, you can be sure that damp will be eradicated from your home or business.

We also carry out basement conversions, working with clients to design and style a space that suits them. If you are in need of treatment for damp or would like to invest in transforming your basement, please feel free to contact us today.

Our Services

At Aquafoss we provide a wide range of repair and treatment services for our customers in the Bletchley area. It has always been important to us that we can deliver the services that our customers need, no matter what their problem is.

Some of the specific work we are able to carry out includes:

  • Rising Damp Treatment
  • Waterproofing
  • Woodworm Treatments
  • Wet/Dry Rot Treatment
  • Rising Damp Treatments
  • Cellar Tanking
  • Damp Proofing
  • Woodwork Treatment
  • Basement Conversions

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What Is Rising Damp?

Understanding what this issue is and how to spot it in your home can help to prevent long-term damage from occurring. Affecting the stability and overall structure of a property, rising damp can cause major problems. Although it is one of the rarer forms of damp it is still just as important to be able to recognise it.

Rising damp usually happens when external moisture from the ground rises up through the walls of a property, resulting in damage. Areas around this including the joists, floor boards, skirting, and any plasterwork become affected because they are porous and susceptible to water. If left untreated, this can result in wet rot which will impact the structural integrity of a building.

The first signs that you notice when it comes to rising damp are damp or wet walls, skirting boards, or other forms of stonework. Other signs worth noting are if plaster or paint is starting to loosen, stains have appeared, and the emergence of ‘salts’.

For more on rising damp, please feel free to read our guide.

Health Risks And Damp

If damp is left untreated, then it can result in numerous health risks. The NHS warns that if you have damp or mould in your home you are more likely to experience a respiratory problem such as infection, allergies or asthma. There is also a chance that your immune system could be impacted as a result of damp. Those at most risk include:

  • The elderly
  • Babies and children
  • Those with existing skin problems (eg. Eczema)
  • Those with existing respiratory problems (eg. Allergies and Asthma)
  • Those with a weakened immune system

It is recommended that if you are considered as being at risk, you should stay away from damp and mould.

It affects your health as a result of the allergens that are released from the damp or mould, leaving you to react in some way to this. Some people experience sneezing, red eyes, a runny nose, and skin rash. On top of this, there is a chance that an asthma attack will be triggered by the substance.

Around Bletchley

The area of Bletchley has an estimated population of 34,000 and is known as a result of its involvement with codebreaking during the Second World War. If you are in the town then there are plenty of places to visit, including the famous Bletchley Park. Other places worth a visit include The National Museum of Computing and the Brunel Shopping Centre.

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At Aquafoss we are extremely proud of the services that we offer to our customers across the Bletchley area and further afield. Whether you need a new basement conversion or commercial damp proofing, you can rely on us to complete this for you.

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